Marmoreal heater


Two units: Natural stone and heating module.


The concept of the heating module is, that the heat produced by steam heats the marmoreal, percolate the marmoreal and pass the heat to all other matters in the room. Therefore it is extremely energy saving and it comes to a comfortable constant heat exciting.


Heizplatte Standard Caliza
Standard Caliza
Heizplatte Standard Crema Marfil
Standard Crema Marfil


Superior Rojo Alicante
Superior Rojo Alicante
Superior Rosa Portuges
Superior Rosa Portuges


Heizplatte Premium Multicolor Naranja
Premium Multicolor Naranja
Heizplatte Premium Macael
Premium Macael
Heizplatte Premium Travertino Amarillo
Premium Travertino Amarillo
Heizplatte Premium Travertino Rojo-Maron
Premium Travertino Rojo-Maron

Heizplatte Premium Travertino Rojo
Premium Travertino Rojo
Premium Travertino Claro
Premium Travertino Claro
Heizplatte Premium Carrara
Premium Carrara