The wardrobe heater:


The sturdy and solid heating cable has an aperture of 5 mm. The consumption depends on the room temperature, but is maximal 17Watt / lfm. The heating energy assimilates automatically to the ambient temperature.


The heating cable is protected according CENELEC and IEEE standards. Self-controlled heating cables are sheltered for overheating or burning.


The sturdy and solid heating cable warranted permanent, steadily protection for moisture/wetness or that mold could build up along the walls. Planning and assembly are easy. The heating cable will be connected locally to the colt line connection individual aligned to the local situation. Therefore we avoid complicated planning, waste of time and waste of material. The power supply line can be carried out on any location.

The marmoreal heater:


With the marmoreal heater you can reach an extraordinary power saving. The produced radiant heat will be saved in all materials of the building like walls, floor ground etc. With less than 1% of moisture on the outside walls, the heat capacity is increasing about 5%.


The aperture of the heating conductor is only millimeter strong. It is heat proof and has no sign of wear.


To install the heating plats take about 45 - 60 min., it is easy, quick and a clean job. All we need is a power outlet. We do not pipe or open any walls. We are hiding visible cables behind decent wire ducts. (By assembling a funk thermostat cables are nearly not necessary. The distance between the thermostat and the heating plate should be at least 1 m.

Technical data:


Natural Stone

All sorts that are available on the Canaries island, the best is marmoreal, because of the crystal structure it is a perfect conductive and heat saving. Available in 3 different sizes


Plate size

External measurments

1020 mm * 520 mm

720 mm * 520 mm

520 mm * 440 mm


Size ca 35 mm incl. metal casing, distance from the wall max. 80 mm


Heating module

is a special developed heater connector with special insulation material, as well as a thermostat control to avoid a overheating of the heating connector. This is attached under a metal cover on the back of the plate.


Plate temperature

Maxi temperature of the plate surface area 85° C


Cable grommet

bolt with cable strain relief


Connection cable

Heat proof till 105° C/ 3* 1,5 mm


Circuit points

crimp connection 1.5², Schuko - connector


Economic data

230 Volt / depending on the size of the plate 125 - 360 Watt



Overheat control by electronic thermo switch


Plate connection

A cable-connected thermostat can control 2 heating plate. With a cable free function thermostat you can control more plates via additional receiver.



On the wall with special metal fixing device



A protective steel sheet with integrated insulation material on the back of the marmoreal plate protects the heating conductor and the electrical connection.