Feel comfortable in a homey, healthy and atmospheric environment

Wetness damage on the building fabric and molds could be all past.


The cabinet heater disperse wetness and muggy smell out of your wardrobe and protects your furniture, drapery and paper files and of course your healthy.


The  marmoreal heater offers you a smoothly, healthy heat how you may know it of the older times from the tile stoves.


With current and completely developed technical and in modern space saving design we offer you a cost-effective, unattended heating system. The comfort of the radiant heat is typical for the marmoreal heater.


The thermal radiation causes a healthy atmospheric environment, and avoids a circulation of dust and germs like it is the case with gas heating, convection heating or fan heater.


You can order the marmoreal heater as your individual needs are – in different natural stone, sizes and power levels.

Delivery period 1 - 5 days.

Personal individual advice by appointment, preferably on-site at home, office or practice.Tel. +34 922 420 381

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Email: c-roemer@gmx.net 


Advance information by means of brochure and price list you can get with Hermann Immobiliaria 

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Advantages of a marmoreal heater:

  • Activation of healthy atmospheric environment, with mild radiant heat, especially beneficially for allergic person, asthmatic and rheumatic; 
  • Electro power smog free; 
  • Saves air dehumidifier; 
  • After 50. Min full temperature; 
  • Energy saving: minimal consumption (170 - 360 Watt depending on the model) because of the very good memory of the capacity of the marmoreal, in compounded with the thermostat control remarkable low operating time and less costs than other heating systems; 
  • Comfortable: Easy to handle like any other piece of furniture; 
  • Simple, fast and clean assembling; 
  • Easy expandable; 
  • Comfortable, no transport of heavy gas bottle necessary; 
  • Minimal place requirements - only 8 cm distance to the wall. Size 1/ 6 bis 1/ 2 sqm; 
  • Children and burn safety, because the marmoreal heats only till max. 85° Celsius; 
  • Integrated overheat control; 
  • Maintenance-free - no mechanical wear parts; 
  • Radiant heat dries the building fabric to prevent mildew; 
  • Emissions- and soundless; 
  • Natural stones are shapely, classic and timeless; 
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients of the canary's islands since 1999.