No energy loss

The energy that is at the slab's disposal is almost completely transformed into heat. Losses do not arise from leads, mains or upheavals. The amount of energy saved also increases due to the connection of the slabs to thermostats.


Marmol shows a very good storing capacity and therefore the slabs keep on heating long after being turned off. The stored heat is slowly given off into the environment. To keep a room in a comfortable temperature for 24 hours, the slabs need only run for 6-8 hours (depending on the loss of heat).


The saving of costs in comparison to other heating systems can exceed 50%


The marmoreal slabs have the following outputs statistics:


RM 170

RM 300

RM 360

RS 17

consumption / h

170 Watt / h

300 Watt / h

360 Watt / h

17 Watt / m / h


52 x 44 x 3 cm

72 x 52 x 3 cm

102 x 52 x 3 cm


app. roomsize

4 - 6 m² / ca. 10 - 15 m³

10 - 12 m² / ca. 25 - 30 m³

15 - 18 m² / ca. 37 - 45 m³

2 m per 1 m² wardrobe

This is unique in the energy market !!!


Despite sensationally small consumption, full amount of heat with 85° C surface temperature in 50 min.!


The MARMOREAL HEATING SYSTEM can function either as a complete heating system or as a secondary heating system (ideal for the remodeling of a house).


Special designs if inquired


The presented information should be understood as an approximation, consumption also depends on the location of the house, the building material, and the size of the room.